Meeting of Sustainable RGV Sunday, June 3, 3:00 p.m.

Location: 920 W. Cano St., Edinburg, TX (SE corner of 2nd and Cano, south of UTPA)

Proposed Agenda:

* Report on the natural building / permaculture scholarship program.
* Discussion / planning of ways to help raise funds for Victoria Garza.
* Various people will present/update on specific local sustainability projects which they are doing or have in mind. (So far two people will be presenting about two exciting natural building projects that are in the works that we can all help with and learn from. If you would like to present about a sustainability project that you are doing or plan to do, please contact Steven Johnson, 607 5076.)
* Presentation concerning a proposed reading group / course aimed at forging a common vision for a local intentional community / research and education center / network of production cooperatives.
* Some of us will stay afterwards and help prepare a space for a community garden serving UTPA and the nearby area, at the same site, 920 W. Cano St. If you would like to help, please bring hoes, rakes, and shovels.

Screening of “First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture”

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FILM SERIES: “First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture”
Date: Tuesday, May 29
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Cine El Rey, 311 S. 17th St. in downtown McAllen
A discussion of local “natural building” projects will follow immediately after the film.

The way we build contributes massively to our ecological problems, and is fundamentally unsustainable. But there are proven alternative ways to build which can improve our quality of life while reducing energy use and environmental impacts to a fraction of what conventional construction generates.

Sustainable RGV is working to bring natural building trainings to the Valley. The film “First Earth” explains why this is one of the most important “sustainable solutions” that we can implement.

A few facts….

Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy, produce 40% of CO2 emissions, and produce 40% of ozone depletion.

97% of old-growth forests in North America have been clearcut. 75% of trees cut are used in construction.

Come see this wonderful film about how people from all around the world are using cheaper, locally-sourced materials (especially earth) to build comfortable structures.

Then stay for the discussion afterwards and learn about exciting practical projects that you can help make happen right here in the Valley!

Thanks to Cine El Rey for hosting the Sustainable Solutions Film Series!